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Your website should be a powerful marketing tool that attracts and encourages new business. But, in reality, many spas and salons have websites that actually turn customers away.

In this article, we explore 7 easy tips on how you can ensure your website is helping your business.

Tip #1: Let your service menu do the selling

Your service offering should be available on your website. The menu must be current and easy to access.

Your service menu should not be in a PDF, as these types of files require a special reader. Further, PDF files can be heavy and not easily viewed on a mobile device. Rather, your service menu should be part of your website as HTML pages.

And finally, your service menu should encourage bookings and upsells. Use customer reviews as well as suggested products and services to increase the visitor’s ticket size.


Tip #2: Feature customer reviews on your website

Who better to sell your brand than your happy customers? Let your customers do the talking by featuring customer reviews on your website.

The key to success of course is encouraging customers to share their reviews and for you to have an automated mechanism that makes it easy to publish these reviews on your website. (Zenoti can help you with that!)

Tip #3: People love a good deal. Showcase your specials

Feature your specials on your website, whether it’s directly on your homepage banner or delegated to a ‘specials’ page on your website.

Specials should always be current. We’ve seen too many spa and salon websites with a Valentine’s Day special posted in June.

Some evergreen specials that you can try out include new guest discounts, refer a friend discounts and military discounts.


Tip #4: Make it easy for your customers to find your address

This is an easy one, but many spas and salons make this information difficult to find. Ensure your hours of operation, address, parking info and contact information are easy to find.

Include your phone number on the homepage and on every page.

Displaying your address can be as easy as listing your address. You can also add a link to Google Maps or include a map directly on your website page.

On a related note, when a customer visits your spa or salon, they’ll likely use Google Maps to find directions. You should list yourself on Google Maps, so that your business can be found by name (and not require your customer to plug in your exact address). Here’s a quick guide to help you set that up.


Tip #5: Get mobile friendly

The majority of your visitors are likely visiting your website through a mobile device. This means it’s more critical than ever to ensure your website is easily viewed and navigated from a mobile device.

What is a mobile friendly site? Well, it’s a website that looks great and easy to read on any device.

The website is easy to browse and navigate from any device.


If you’re designing a new website, it’s good to start with a mobile website first and then create versions for tablets, followed by desktop designs. This responds to the increased use of mobile devices.

Tip #6: Integrate online booking with your appointment book

Instantly convert visitors into customers with online bookings. Online booking allows visitors the convenience to book their appointment any time of the day, and not just during your operating hours. An effective online booking process is quick, intuitive and allows your customer to choose their preferred service provider, find availability and apply membership benefits or other promotional discounts.

By integrating your spa or salon software with your website, you free up your front desk so they can spend more time interacting with guests at your location.

Tip #7: Sell gift cards online

Improve gift card sales with an online store. eGift Cards are perfect for last minute purchases. And, tied with the right promotions, digital marketing and follow-up; can contribute to a significant amount of revenue and attract new clientele.

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Spa and Saloon Website

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