If you run a restaurant and desire to generate more leads, then immediately think about building a vibrant website. Studies have shown that 89% people take a first look at the menus and services online, before actually physically visiting a restaurant. Thus, if you do not have a strong web existence, you are definitely missing out on a great business opportunities.

The best thing about having a website is that, it not only permits a restaurant to share its presence with an extended part of the world, but also allows them to create a unique experience for both – current and potential customers. If you are wondering how to turn a normal website into a successful money earning website, do not fret! There are many small details that can make all the difference to your business.

Now when we are talking about creating a website, it has often found that restaurant owners usually focus on specific things such as, a user friendly navigation, attractive visuals and a suitable color scheme. No doubt each of these features are vital to take into consideration, but there are several other factors too, that makes a strong business website.


Do not forget,

  • Your online reservation system should be easily manageable and responsive.
  • Try to make it visually attractive so that visitors are motivated to make a reservation.
  • Update the availability and change in prices as soon as possible.
  • Online reservation should be integrated with instant sms alert system which can alert customers once their order is placed, once it's ready and once they receive the order.

For the fully comprehensive business provide your customers with a completely easy and safe procedure.

  1. Having an up-to-date “About Us” Page

When you are building a website, there are chances you may get overly involved in designing procedures or technicalities to make your website visually attractive. However, in the midst of these bells and whistles you should not ignore the compelling content of “About Us” page. It is the biggest mistake to build a website like you want and not necessarily the website you “require”.

The role of an “About Us” page is very earnest in a website. This page in itself is sufficient to arbitrate whether you are losing or gaining a valuable customer. It is a fact that whenever a new guest wants to order any menu online or decides to visit your restaurant, they will go through this page to appraise the credibility as well as the reliability of the company.

Moreover, the “About Us” page not only gives the first impression of the company but also permits the visitors to get acquainted with the overall brand including the aims, objectives, services, achievements, and other worthy information of the restaurant.

In short, it is this page that introduces yourself to a visitor, tells them what you do and builds a rapport that will hopefully turn them into a customer. So, construct the page carefully as this will be your chance to win a customer’s trust.

  1. Prominent Contact Details

Undeniably, the most crucial feature in a website is the contact information – which is why it has its own section. The customers (present or potential) use a website to either see your products or make contact with you. So, how easy is it for them to get in touch with you?

  • Make sure the “Contact Us” page has information like your phone number, address, email and social media details which is easy to find.
  • Double-check it as many times as possible because social media links that are broken is just bad for your business. Moreover, if the email or phone numbers are not functional, it will be impossible for customers to communicate with you. In short you might lose on a fantastic business opportunities.
  • Let the website users know you really want to hear from them. Try including a call to action to ‘Say Hello.’
  • A restaurant business mostly depends on people actually coming to a physical location. Thus, adding map can be the great way to get navigation easily.

The contact us page can reinforce positivity or negativity in the thought process of your audience. So make sure that you’re extremely prominent and create a user friendly page on your website.

  1. Social Media Integration

Promoting a restaurant brand via social media is exponentially important because it is the best platform to get connected with wider audiences easily. Moreover, studies shows that almost 45% of online purchases are accomplished after surfing through social media sites. Nowadays more and more people are getting inclined to take in public opinion before visiting a restaurant.

The top social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and photo sharing sites like Pinterest and Instagram should be taken into consideration to find and attract new customers.

  1. Having a Well-Designed Blogs

If you are planning to use blog as a way to attain higher rankings in the search engines and generate traffic on your website then you will definitely need great content on a regular basis (at least one blog a week). However, this can be quite a time consuming task. But if you update a relevant and thoughtful articles, you will keep your customers engaged and return to your site again and again.

Blogging on a regular basis brings personality to your website. It gives you a chance to show

customers who you are, and the steps you’re taking to improve your business. Nowadays there is an option of Templatize a Website where you can customize the templates and colors scheme of your website as per your brand. Good news is that it is easily manageable by any individual. We all know that a visually appealing website can enhance your business significantly. Thus this option is worth noticing.

Studies have also revealed that at least 46% of people read well designed blogs more than once a day. Knowing this statistic, what better venue is there to showcase your upcoming business? So, happy blogging!

  1. Mobile Friendly Version

Smartphones and tablets are driving an increasing amount of web traffic, and these numbers are only going to grow in near future. One of study proves that 70% of people are often surfing web with intent — they're looking to do something, purchase something or go somewhere. If someone finds a reliable restaurant on his smartphone, he's likely to eat there within an hour. Seeing this, it has become highly essential to keep your website mobile friendly.

Make sure your customers have fantastic experience on their handheld device. You can –

  • Implement a simple navigation that is easy to browse and scroll.
  • Add click-to-call functionality so that visitors can easily call your business in one tap.
  • Display location maps that show where your business is located.

A mobile is the most personal and powerful form of communication. If you can attract a customer on their mobile, then you have them on all other platforms as well.

  1. Get Real with Photos

Adding a photo gallery on your website will help your visitors get the real feel for the product. However, make sure to use an image that clearly shows what you offer. Say NO to cheesy, un-staged photos. Real pictures taken from high-tech camera are an important component of telling the quality of your menu. If you want to get more creative, take images of the dishes while it is being cooked by your chefs. It can certainly grab the eyeballs of the customers. Remember, fake photography can lack credibility.

When it comes to host your images you can either update it directly on website or with the help of media host like Flickr.

  1. Advertising Menu List

While building a restaurant website, you cannot understate the importance of a Menu page. A decent restaurant menu is your gateway into a world of succulence. At its most basic, the menu page will give an idea of what type of food are available and how much a customer needs to pay for each dish.

Make sure this page should express your eatery’s personality. Highlight the variety of dishes that you offer. No matter if your customer is a finicky eater or visiting your restaurant for a fine dine experience. Every customer will have different tastes and the menu page should make it clear that there are dishes for every taste buds.

  1. Security

A majority of people will share their personal information such as credit card numbers, bank details or postal address while ordering food online. In such a scenario it is must to secure these sensitive details from anarchists and criminals. SSL is the backbone of our secure Internet. With SSL certification, the information sent across the Internet becomes encrypted so that only the intended recipient can understand it. This protects it from hackers and identity thieves.

  1. Online reservation and Ordering

Today, online reservation systems signifies over 70% of total reserves. Thus, if you are unable to offer this tool to the user, you are allowing them to book somewhere else. Moreover, if your customer desires to book a table for his guests, he will not wait for your email response. With an online reservation tool, you are not only giving them complete information regarding menu and prices but also giving them an opportunity to book the tables all by themselves. This feature certainly enhances the percentage of direct sales. However, to make your services more unique, make special offer (discount codes or coupons) that visitors will not find in any other restaurants.

  1. Good Hosting is a Necessity

If you want your website on a mainstream provider, never mess around with the quality of the hosting. It only takes a handful of money to get 24/7 technical assistance.

No one will ever visit your website if it takes years to load pages. Also poor hosting can affect your rankings significantly. All these factors can cost you a lot of potential customers. Thus, giving importance to good hosting has now become a necessity.

All the above features are great and will surely contribute to your specific goals and objectives. However, it is best to begin with the basic while creating all new website. Adding all of these features slowly and steadily will help you know what works best for your business.

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